Science Projects

Projects: Features and Benefits

  •  Using The Scientific Method (S.M.)
  • A step-by-step guide in using the Engineering Design Process(E.D.P.)projects
  • The Parent’s Guide to Science Fair Projects
  • Worksheet Examples:
    6-Step Scientific Method : How to write your Big Question, variables and hypothesis; set up, organize and write in your Science Log.
    8-Step Engineering Design Process: How to write a Problem Statement and Design Brief; how to set up, organize, draw and write in your Design Notebook; make a Decision Making Matrix; how to test your prototype
    S.M. & E.D.P.: How to do Background Research, find original research, organize and write your bibiliography, organize and interpret data, write a project report abstract, create and organize a display board
  • Outcome Checklists for each important section of your project.
  • Download instantly
  • Clickable Index.
  • 362 pages
  • And much, much more….

Whether you create your own science fair project or use a kit you must know what complete the steps of the Scientific Method or Engineering Design Process?

Where to Begin?


    • 201 questions to stimulate your imagination so you can create a science project that will keep you focused and enthusiastic.
    • Easy to understand language. All terms are defined.
    • Examples and illustrations.
    • Excellent for homeschooling.
    • Unique timeline to help you stay on track, alleviate panic and fear!
    • Topic Research and how to do it.
    • How to choose a category and subcategory of science.
    •  Write a letter of inquiry and interview an expert.
    • How to design your experiment / steps to build a prototype.
    • How to test your hypothesis or prototype.
    • Step-by-Step details on how to create a display board.
  • Learn the Judges’ expectations.
  • How to dress at the science fair? What to bring to the science fair?
  • 362 pages . Grades 5th thru College

. Yikes! Much more more….

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