RV Secrets 1 & 2

Hello, I am Rob Scribner, known as Rangerrob:
Owner of RV Travel Buddy –
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My wife and I have been Full Time and Part Time RVers, and have learned a few tricks and information that other RVers should know about.
This is a fun and informative report for current, and future RVers to enjoy.  This is not a slam report.  It’s an RVers tool, to prevent your new RV freedom from being upsetting.
Let us tell you about what you need to do before, and after you hit the road, as a Full Time or Part Time RVer.  
Your experience will be better, and we will save you money.

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RV Secrets 1 and 2

RV secrets“What they do not tell you” & “The Awakening”

Discover the RV Secrets you may not have known about if you are
considering becoming a Full Time or Part Time RVer.
Take a journey with “Ranger Rob” as a Full Time or Part Time RVer, and
learn RVing information you may not have heard about.

We have covered thousands of miles, and we have gotten surprised a few times.  Even after we bought books, and interviewed other RVers.  They fail to mention a few items, that would have been nice to know about, before we started.  Here is a list of what our Report will cover:
  • Full Time and Part Time RV Living
  • Trailer or Motor Home?
  • Navigation
  • Pets
  • Internet Services
  • Parks and Over night stops
  • Park Memberships
  • RV Living in general
  • Rules you need to know about RV Parks
  • RV Living Traditions
  • Item to make your RV living easier