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 At Overnight Glasses we understand the need to save and although we do have a great selection of frames for wholesale prices, sometimes there is just no need to buy a new one. This is why we developed the first hassle- free, online, Send us your frame get new lenses feature that does not require you seeing your doctor or pass a weird requirements test. Simply enter your prescription, print a USPS shipping label, pack and ship the frame and get new lenses in your current favorite pair of prescription eyewear.

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At Overnight Glasses we focus on speed and saving you the customer as much as possible. This is also true when sending your own frame. Your frame will get our 5 star service which includes Free 1.50 high quality FDA inspected new lenses, frame cleaning and screw tightening

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We understand the importance of having the ability to see properly, and that sometimes emergencies do happen. This is why at Overnight Glasses we offer a 24 hour, next day glasses service. This means that you will receive your glasses in a day, to your required address within 24 hours from the time you place your