Piano for all


Now ANYONE Can Learn Piano or Keyboard

The Piano. A time honored instrument found all over the world. The favorite instrument of Beethoven, Bach, Rachmaninoff, Mozart, Billy Joel, Dave Brubeck and many others. To become expert like these, much practice is required.These books will go a long way to assisting you to reach your goals.

book3-chord-magicpiano for all

Imagine being able to sit down at a piano and just PLAY. Ballads, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Ragtime, even amazing Classical pieces? Now you can. You can do it in months not years without wasting money, time and effort on traditional Piano Lessons

An Incredible Set of Interactive ebooks

Piano for all is specially designed to take complete beginners to an intermediate level faster than any other method.  So begin with popular rhythm style piano. Think of artists like Lennon & McCartney, Elton John, Billy Joel,  Barry Mannilow, Lionel Ritchie, Coldplay, and Norah Jones  which means you get to sound like a pro right from the start.

Then expand step-by-step into Ballad style, Blues, Jazz, Ragtime, Improvisation and creating your own melodies. You will even learn how to read music.  You learn how to ‘play-by-ear’. Eventually you will be able to play some amazing Classical pieces.

Let me give you a hint of what this series contains:

Book 1 – Party Time / Play By Ear / Rhythm Piano

Play great rhythm style piano straight away with piano chords, 10 classic party rhythms, a terrific piano chord ballad, lots of keyboard diagrams, tricks, bluffs, formulas and loads of progressions in the style of classic songs. Within days you’ll be the life and soul of the party!

Book 2 – Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll..

Now you can play some great Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll Piano. Instantly recognizable rhythms that can be used for hundreds of classic songs. Amaze your friends with the sounds of Fat’s Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and a host of others. It’s easy when you know how!

Those are just the beginning. Therefore:

Start here and enjoy!