The concern over the environment is increasing exponentially. The “green movement” is an extremely valid one. The major concern is the creation of and disposal of waste.Waste is generated by humans, wildlife, natural decay and forces, and industry. It is entirely appropriate to attempt to control the man made contributions. Recycling and creation of clean power sources are steps in the right direction. Such efforts will only help us physically and financially. The important side effect will be preservation of the natural world as well.

Family Bunker. In this day of uncertainty from changing weather, and terrorism, having a place of safety may be a good thing. John Hartman tell us how he constructed a family bunker. All materials are in keeping withh the green concept.  Get worthwhile information here

Old Batteries  Most people will throw out old ones not knowing they can be restored to their original glory? New ones are not cheap! Before throwing out any battery you should test them to see if they can be restored.Green

Not only will it save you money but it is also environmentally friendly. Batteries contain chemicals that seep into our soils and end up in our waterways. By reconditioning them we will eliminate 50% of the batteries we throw out.


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