Child Behavior Management

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From : Julie Butler

Date : Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Re : Ways How-to Handle My Children’s Innapropriate Behavior?

Dear Parent,

You don’t know anything about me but I suspect we have a lot in common.

If you’re like me you adore your kids. But I’ll bet there are times you’d gladly put them on the last shuttle to outer space. But because you’ve asked, begged, pleaded and tried over and over to get them to fix their nasty, unruly behavior…but they simply wouldn’t do it.

Are you finding yourself baffled, confused and overwhelmed over how to deal with kids that just won’t listen?

Does their behavior leave you feeling like tearing your hair out sometimes?

Have you guilt feelings about wanting to strike out in anger simply out of sheer frustration?

Do you and your spouse sometimes argue about how your child needs to be disciplined?

What Can You Do If You Don’t Yell Or Punish Your Child?

Listen! That’s a really interesting question and it’s the main motivation behind why I’m doing all these to help YOU!

There’s a lot of help available for you both online and off. Most of it, however, is either too expensive, too much effort, or just a frustrating waste of time.

What I’m about to share with you is simple, inexpensive, fun, and very very effective.

When our two youngest were driving us crazy with their constant bickering and fighting we looked at every child behavior product that we could find.



There were books to read, Charts to maintain, and videos to watch. There were courses to join.

The problem, however, was they were impractical.

While they all looked good in theory they were all just too much effort to maintain.

We even considered counseling…until we found out how much it was going to cost!

Something was needed and we needed it fast. Our once happy home was becoming a war zone!